iPhone Tips and Tricks 8

How to Use Memoji Feature

  • Open iMessage on your iPhone and tap on create a new message icon.
  • Once it launches, you should see a Memoji symbol glaring at you.
  • Tap on it to launch Memoji, and you will be greeted with the ‘‘+’’ icon.
  • Tap on that to begin creating your Memoji, which is nothing but your digital avatar. You will now begin customizing Memoji.

How to Create Memoji

  • Pick from any skin tones here. Use the slider to pan and pick one. Select the freckles option.
  • Pick a hairstyle. Find your preferred hairstyles. Continue with choosing your head and nose shape. Then select appropriate eyebrows for your Memoji.
  • You can also cycle between nose shape, and also pick ear piercings if you want to use them on the Memoji. Finally, there are eye and headwear options to complete the look.
  • Tap on “Done” to save. Do not go back all through the process because you will have to begin afresh. After you make your Memoji, iOS 14 will create a bunch of stickers automatically.

Edit, Delete or Create Another Memoji

  • Return to iMessages and begin a fresh conversation or enter an existing one. Instead of the ‘‘+’’ icon, you will see a menu icon. Tap on it to find some new options.
  • TouchNew Memoji to start the all over again.
  • TouchEdit button to modify features of the current or selected Memoji. Lastly, clickDelete to erase the Memoji.
  • Touch the Duplicate button to create the exact same Memoji, and then swiftly modify certain features to create a new one starightaway.
  • The new Memoji you create will be in the gallery with its set of stickers.

How to Remove Memoji Option

  • Launch a fresh message or respond to an old one.
  • From here, tap More.
  • You will then select Edit.
  • Touch the ‘‘’’ icon next to the Memoji button to get rid of it from the list.
  • Add and remove other features correspondingly.

How to Use Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts allows you to do regular tasks rapidly, and with the apps, you utilize the most with only a tap or by asking Siri. Siri learns your routines across your apps. Siri then recommends a simple method to perform common tasks on the Lock screen or in Search. For instance, if you request news flash consistently on an app, Siri may recommend your preferred news.

  • To utilize a Siri Suggestion, simply tap it on the lock screen. On the other hand, swipe down from the center of your screen to show Search; at that point, tap the Siri Suggestion.

Add Shortcuts to Siri

You can likewise run any shortcut by asking Siri. Search for the “Add to Siri” button in your most-used apps and tap to include with your very own expression or then again go to Settings to find all shortcuts accessible on your iPhone.

Shortcuts that require an app to open on your iPhone won’t take a shot at HomePod and Apple Watch.

Add Shortcut from a third-party App

  • Launch the third-party app and tap Add to Siri.
  • Tap (red icon). At that point, record a personal catchphrase that you’ll say to Siri to run the shortcut. Ensure that you record an easy expression that you’ll recall.
  • Tap “Done.”

Add Shortcut from Settings

  • Go to Settings app.
  • Tap Siri& Search.
  • You’ll see three proposed shortcuts. Tap All Shortcuts to see more actions from various apps.
  • Tap Plus.
  • To record a personal expression, tap (red icon). Attempt to record an easy expression that you’ll recall.
  • Tap “Done.”

Delete a shortcut or change the phrase

  • Head to Settings > Siri & Search and touch My Shortcuts.
  • To change the expression for the shortcut, tap the shortcut, at that point, tap Re-Record Phrase.
  • To erase a shortcut, swipe left over the shortcut and then tap Delete. Alternatively, tap the shortcut and tap Delete Shortcut.

Change Screen Brightness

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Choose “Screen Display & Brightness
  • Adjust the brightness by moving the slider displayed in “Brightness” left or right

Turn on Automatic Brightness Adjustment

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Go to “Accessibility
  • Select “Screen Display & Text Size
  • Turn “automatic brightness adjustment” on/off.

Shorten Automatic Lock

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Go to “Screen Display & Brightness
  • Select “Auto Lock
  • Set the time until automatic lock. The display does not go dark while looking at the screen.

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